Not only did they change the date they were scheduled to make my delivery, three times, but instead of delivering it to my actual door, the lazy *** dropped it off at one of the three post offices in my town& won't tell me which one. This is ridiculous, my package was supposed to be delivered to my door, it had supposedly been out for delivery since 6AM, yet it somehow didn't get to me, when I live less than two miles from their distribution center, on a main road.

After only five hours, my package was delivered to a post office to be delivered to me. This is the worst I've ever dealt with, I will never use UPS again.

Things would be much easier if they just shut down. We wouldn't have to deal with their *** service constantly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #788966

It was an online purchase, I presume?

If in fact, that is true, then the Shipper went with the most basic option, which is for UPS to handle the shipping and hand it off to the P.O. for final delivery.

Your anger SHOULD be directed towards the Shipper who selected the absolute lowest cost shipping option!

Naples, Florida, United States #788951

How much snow you got in Souix Falls the past couple weeks? Point.

to LadyScot #788979

It snows there every year people are used to it so that doesnt fly.Thats why they drive trucks and have snow tires.Snow only disables people if they are not used to it people there deal with it every winter so they know how to deal with it.Only in the south with the ice storms did people have problems because people dint know how to drive in it.We can get up to 5 feet before it shuts down my city.That because thru the years we learned how to deal.What do you think alaska shuts down with a little snow you being from the south you have no idea

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