I awaited delivery of an iPhone most of the day Friday but eventually had to leave. They left a notice that they would re-attempt delivery on Monday between 2-5pm.

I arranged to be here during that window. Arrived home at 1:30 to find a notice that they had already been and gone. When I called to find out what happened, I was given a script --"The delivery windows are estimates." There are five delivery windows on the UPS slip. Only one was checked.

The driver could arrive before or after the window, but that is not stipulated anywhere on the delivery slip. Then I was told I could wait again tomorrow knowing now that they may not honor the window and be early or late. Or I could drive 45 minutes to UPS and 45 minutes back. Or I could impose on a neighbor to stay home for an unspecified period of time and take delivery for me.

I consider all three unacceptable. I asked them to contact the driver so that I could meet him somewhere and was told they are unable to contact their drivers. I don't believe that for a minute. I ordered two iPhones.

One came via FedEx easy as can be. I wasn't home, but they left a slip allowing me to sign for delivery and leave it in my absence. UPS is a nightmare. The poor customer service representative could do no more that offer her script.

Her supervisor was downright rude.

I immediately called Verizon and told them that UPS is not serving them well and they would be better served to use FedEx. I will go out of my way to use FedEx in the future, even if it means paying more.

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