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A UPS driver who has delivered many times to my property decided to leave a box in the fenced part of the yard - in access of my two dogs - ~110 and ~65 lbs. The driver didn't leave a note on the front door as has been the usual for the last 8 yrs. I didn't know the box had been delivered until the next day when I found the dogs chewing on some of the product.

I called UPS 800# to file a claim and also a complaint on the driver. The claim is being taken care of, but it's the response both of the driver and toward me that's the shocker. I said to an UPS supervisor that I expected an apology from the driver. Instead, I rec'd a hostile rude call from the driver who did not apologize but tried to make excuses at the top of her lungs.

It was after that call that I actually became angry. Before that I was just ticked off. I called back to UPS and told them about the call. I also said I did not want that driver back on my property. Their solution is absolutely mind-blowing:

if I don't want that particular driver back, then I have to drive to the nearest UPS center to pick up my packages (for three diff. businesses). The closest center is 40 miles away.

In the process of these exchanges I learned the following:

1. A driver has the right to refuse a change to a different route.

2. It takes 3 complaints before there will even be a letter of reprimand in the driver's file.

3. The customer is pretty much the victim of the bad driver since the driver can't be switched to a different route.

4. UPS doesn't care about the customers who have been victimized by careless or aggressive drivers. Registering a complaing will just get the customer treated like she is the bad guy in the situation.

5. From what I was told by people at my "local" office - the impression is that there's little UPS management can do and asking them to do anything is just a huge inconvenience to them.

I will do my best never ever to initiate a shipment with UPS.

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LOL Do you really think they're going to reassign a driver because your dogs chewed up the box??? Come on now.

Most people would just be satisfied that they got a refund and accept that sht happens sometimes. You're probably the kind of person who if your dogs jumped over the fence and attacked someone, you'd blame the company that built the fence. I'm actually surprised they gave you a refund, you were lucky to get it.

But then to push it even more and demand an apology is a little psycho if you ask me. Take some responsibility.


Maybe UPS should train its drivers not to be idiots. There is reason to suspect the driver intentionally placed the box so it would be damaged.

Even if she didn't, at least show some regret that the goods were destroyed. My dogs are very well trained, but the contents of the box were wool - smelled like animal to them. As it is, I'm not sure they even opened the box...looks like it popped open when it was tossed over the fence. The fenced area is their yard.

The driver knew that.

I see nothing wrong with seeking an apology for recklessness. I paid for that shipment, it should have been handled with due respect.

The driver messed up - an apology would have cost her nothing more than a little humility but would have purchased a lot of good will.


Problem is, John, there has been a system in place for the last 8 yrs. on where to deliver our packages if we're not there to collect them.

No driver has ever put them in with the dogs. This driver changed the routine and didn't even bother leaving a note on the front door to tell us where the package was. It's our monsoon season - protocol is to at least put the box in a plastic bag if it's left out (not in the back of my truck that has a cargo shell which is what's been done for all these years). When someone does something irresponsible - the dogs were right there when she tossed it over the fence - an apology is appropriate.

I didn't call and demand an apology - I was asked what was needed to make it right. As it was, the driver called and was hostile, angry, belittling, and rude. If it had rained I'd have lost the entire shipment.

I live on 2 acres - only a part is fenced. There was zero need for the driver to feed the box to the dogs.


you got your claim paid. you need an apology too?

how bout a card?

lol you should train your dogs not to eat things that arent food. dumb dumb dumb.


Drivers try to find a secure place to leave a package, like in an enclosed area, generally out of view of passer bys if possible. Sounds like this driver tried to do the right thing.

Either way, when you got the claim approved, that really should have been the end of it.

Calling and demanding a personal apology from the driver isn't right. You have to assume some responsibility yourself, as they are your pets.


I can understand why you are angry!! I would be LIVID!!!

I would do my best to avoid dealing with UPS too.

I have had issues of my own but not this bad. No more UPS!!!!


UPS is a union company and you would be smart by NOT using their service ever again in my opinion. I would try Fed-Ex!!!

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