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Ordered 3 double wine kits from Costco Canada. Followed the tracking to a distribution warehouse, saw the UPS van go past our house the next day (50 km away from the warehouse) with the packages and then nothing.

Called UPS who advised that the delivery address was missing on the label and that they would be going back to the warehouse and that I would have to pay the shipping charges from the warehouse if I wanted the items.

I asked them why would they drive around our neighbourhood with the items if they had no address, apparently its their method to say that they tried to deliver the items without success, legitimizing the additional shipping charges.

They refused to answer when I asked why they would not phone to confirm the delivery location.

Its a good thing that Costco has a good return policy as these wine kits are going back to Costco as undeliverable since I refuse to pay twice for shipping.

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Woodburn, Oregon, United States #874872

I recently received seven packages of a large order from Overstock.com. The minute I laid eyes on the boxes I knew I wouldn't open them but would send them straight back.

They were in such awful condition there was no way I was once again going to spend more money and shipping charges on returns because UPS handles the items they ship so poorly. I will no longer do business with any merchant online or off who uses UPS. I have gotten many, many items via FedEx and USPS with not a single problem. Not only do I have an issue with UPS manhandling packages so roughly but they don't even knock or ring the bell to let me know there is a package sitting on my front porch.

We live in a high end neighborhood that is always hit with thefts of items left out in plain view. Today I received two packages delivered by UPS. No knock,no door bell just my dog barking to indicate they were there. One of the packages had been cut open on one end and I could smell the cleaning liquid in the box indicating their had been a leak, seepage but thank God no leaks.

The other box was a new steam clean carpet machine and I could hear rattling inside which probably means something is broken. It also has a hole in one end. I will be writing to the powers that be at UPS about this lack of care for our packages and the rude behavior of the drivers I have run across. If everyone took the time to do this they might actually understand we are fed up.

The bottom line should be and used to be customer satisfaction. I am I assure you anything but satisfied.

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