Ups claims they made an attempt to deliver package at 8pm. NO THEY DID NOT, because the recipient was home waiting for the package during this time and the whole day and no one came to the door, no one left a note, no door bell rang, it's a bunch of bull.

Called customer service and they were of NO help whatsoever.

They asked if a note was on the door, I said no, and their response was "oh, sorry but it says they made an attempt." I again said no they didn't, I need you to put a note in the system saying they better make the delivery the next day, because the person will once again be there waiting so I will know if they skip the delivery again, and then there will be some serious issues. We shall see if they get lazy and lie about the delivery attempt again tomorrow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #649654

UPS is a d-bag outfit. All corporate cares about is numbers and profits, they force the otherwise good drivers to lie about attempting delivery, because they rate their routes based on how many packages delivered per hour, attempts per hour, etc., it's too bad they are such lying sacks of ***, the disconnect between customers (the reason they have profits in the first place) and providing good service is pathetic.

It's all in the way they force their employees to toe the line or get a pink slip.

Their way of doing business by squeezing employees and customers is among the worst in corporate America. Why else do you think they're trying to kill unions and the Postal Service, SO THEY CAN RAISE THEIR RATES AND INCREASE PROFITS!

Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation #647722

They only deliver until 7 p.m. where I live, so I'm having a hard time believing someone attempted an 8 p.m.

delivery. They're one of the worst companies around. They never knock or ring the doorbell when they make deliveries, and just leave your package in the elements. If the box is marked "fragile" with arrows, it seems like they intentionally place the arrows in the opposite direction.

They need to SLOW DOWN and be more careful with people's packages.

They continually back over my yard lights and destroy them. I can't stand UPS!!

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