UPS kills the sick and elderly by leaving refrigerated medicines such as Insulin on doorsteps in 95 degree weather without knowing when the person will be home to receive the shipment.

Either I have to sign for the medicine which means losing a day or two from work (they will not give specific days and/or times for delivery) and I work in another state at several different locations depending on the day; or, I can sign a release holding UPS harmless so that they can redeliver. Unfortunately, they will not say how long it has been since the ice that the shipment was packed in melted away or if they refrigerated as required when holding the package to reship another day.

They blame the drug Company. Yet, they accept such shipments and collect money for handling them without regard to the fact that people die without appropriate (not degraded from sun and heat) medication.

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I would rather have my medication sitting in 95 degrees, ready when I get home rather than a 120 degree truck for an extra day!


Newsflash: UPS drivers don't know what's inside each package they deliver, and whether or not the package is temperature sensitive.

And even if the driver did know that the box contained insulin, it's a tough position for him to be in. What's worse? Leaving the package outside and hope the person will be home soon to retrieve it before the sun's heat renders it useless? Or, coming back the next day and trying again, running the risk of the recipient having to go without their medicine for another day?

What exactly are they supposed to do?

Why don't you just go to the drugstore?


The UPS driver may not aware that package contain medication. The drug company should know to send all medication Via next day air am which should get to your house by 9am.

I had similar issue in the past, so I called the pharmacy and told them that they need to send it Next Day Early am and since then I never had any problem. Just a suggestion


Hey Alive you must be one of the UPS workers that is trying to keep their Jobs after posting a *** comment like you did..Keep up with the *** comments because when you are in the unimployment line looking for a new job because UPS went under go back and look at your comment you made..SAD,SAD,SAD ...

Naha-Shi, Okinawa, Japan #67483

It your fault. You want the drugs, be there to accept them.

Or die. Choose.

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