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I waited ALL day for delivery. At 730pm, they called. Said it was 3rd attempt & now we have to pick up. I only knew of 2 attempt, remember-I was was home all day & waited until 7pm for them. When my boyfriend got home, there was a delivery sticker on our door. They were too lazy to knock!!

Now I am trying to find a number to call and complain! They could get out of the truck to leave a sticker but not knock!! What kind of *** is that?

I will no longer be using this worthless delivery company. FED-EX is just so much more easy to deal with. And they are nice!!

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first of all ups does not call to inform that a delivery attempt. they send postcards.and i couldn't tell you how many times i have knocked on a door knowing someone was home,but they can't hear me because they have the stereo or tv on too loud.

even with their dogs barking at me and them yelling at the dog to shut up, without bothering to look out the window. i don't have all day to stand out front knocking and ringing your bell so i can get a signature..and when you see the notice , read it sometimes you can just sign the back and we will leave it.sometimes.

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