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Initial Question: Package was supposed to be delivered today - business is now closed. What went wrong?

Yel F.UPS: Hi, this is Yel F.. I'll be happy to assist you.

ME: great...thank you.

Yel F.UPS: You're welcome. I'm sorry to hear that this package was not delivered. Just a moment while I review your tracking information.

Yel F.UPS: I do apologize if the package was not delivered as scheduled. We strongly suggest that you contact your shipper to initiate a package investigation tomorrow.

Yel F.UPS: Shippers are encouraged to report lost packages because receivers may not have all the shipment information needed to perform a thorough investigation. In addition, claim notification letters are not sent to receivers. All claims are settled with the shipper.

ME: looks like the package is sitting in the ups san pablo location

ME: not a shipper issue...this is a ups issue

Yel F.UPS: I understand your frustration. That is why an investigation is needed to be open by the shipper so that we can resolve this matter. Please be aware that the last scan on a package in-transit is not necessarily an indication of its current location.

Yel F.UPS: If it has been more than 24 hours since the last updated scan and scheduled delivery has passed and no sign of the package. An investigation is needed to be opened by the shipper in order for us to work with them in further resolving this matter so that we can find out on what happened to this package and why it was not delivered.

Yel F.UPS: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to you. Please have the shipper open an investigation for this package tomorrow.

Yel F.UPS: I am sorry that I am not able to completely resolve your situation through chat support.

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Only the shipper can make changes to a shipment. Because you are not the UPS customer, the shipper is.

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