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I ordered several things online during Black Friday through different websites. Some of the things were sent through USPS & Fedex but majority of the items were sent through UPS.

Everything was ordered around the same time but I am still waiting on everything that was shipped through UPS. First it was scheduled for a Saturday, then a Tuesday and once Tuesday rolled around, I was informed that they left my package at the facility and it would be another day. I am extremely frustrated because I needed these items for a specific day and wasn't able to receive them by then because UPS is so.slow. Moreso, I'm frustrated because UPS doesn't even apologize or try to remedy it, it's just an issue that I'm forced to deal with and it is very annoying.

Especially since I ordered other things at the same exact time/day and they are all here because they were shipped through the faster USPS and FedEx.

Honestly, I really feel like UPS is a joke and is ran by a bunch of oblivious morons who can't do the simplest task of getting me my packages at the proper times. I'm extremely dissatisfied and I really do think UPS needs to improve their custormer service also.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: I would honestly just appreciate it if someone apologized for their horrible service and speed..

I didn't like: Untimely delivery, Poor customer service.

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It's just the nature of the business - and the industry. I don't work for UPS but I do work for an online retailer managing issues related to shipping.

Unfortunately FedEx is no better.

Advice from a professional: give your merchandise a decent cushion before ordering, because delays are always possible (especially during the holiday rush). Also, contact the companies you purchased through to see if they will refund the cost of shipping.

Retailers/shippers have the option to get a Guaranteed Service Refund for late packages for all reasons besides weather related delays - go get your money!

to The Sherrif #920456


These couriers should not advertise a service they can not deliver. They are happy to take our money from us for next day delivery when they knew full well that the goods would not be delivered on time.

If you read peoples reviews there is no excuse for the delivery driver not even showing up and lying that there was no answer at the address.

People had to take a day off work to sit around waiting for the delivery to arrive. These lying courier firms should lose contracts with retailers, customers will not use the retailers again if they continue to use such a bad courier.

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