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SO i have been a loyal UPS customer for the past 14 years. Recently i was assigned yet another Account executive. The only important thing to her is protecting her own a@#. I have had numerous problems with her from calling me a liar when I complain about missed pick ups, as well as denial of insurance claims that are positively ridiculous.

I have it from a reliable source that UPS will almost ALWAYS deny a claim at first, and hope the customer accepts that determination and goes away. Almost like their corporate motto is "The customer is always wrong" their normal C/S 800# is worthless, they hire uneducated personnel that can barley read from the script in front of them.

Isn't customer service the front line for any business?? Shouldn't C.S representatives be able to read and at least have a thought process of their own?

UPS is the worst for customer service I have almost ever seen (other than the idiots at American Express)

Monetary Loss: $600.

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ups drivers suk, they double park and just drop off the note so they can take it back and bring next day. this cause many dollars made for them in over time!

they ring and run.

then go sit at park for 2 hours. I hate them so much!

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