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A while back, UPS left a package clearly marked "XBOX 360" in front of my house, and they were surprised that I reported it missing when I got home at 9:30pm after working a 13 hour shift. The UPS driver was rude like he always is, and accused me of lying about the package not being there. Previously, he had complained to me, my friend that used to live with me, and my pet sitter every time I received a heavy package.

Since then, they have required a signature for every delivery. This is a huge inconvenience since I work until 8pm, I can't be home for the deliveries. So I have to wait to get the shipping notice on my door, ask them to hold the package at UPS, and drive 30 minutes to the UPS location.

If I have a day off work and wait at home for my package, the driver doesn't usually get to my house until between 6pm-7:30pm. Waiting at my house turns out to be a waste of my entire day AND night.

UPS is a waste of time and I will be searching for a shopping website that uses only FedEx or USPS.

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2nd day sometimes has a morning opption as well..


Once you have reported a package 'missing' after it's been delivered, UPS will put a signature required on any future deliveries. You obviously live in a bad neighborhood and the local crackheads are now not able to 'steal' your merch.

You should be thanking UPS, not complaining like a little beach.


Grd service del has til end of day for del maybe you should pay for nxda service so you can receive del before 1030am.....thats what I do if I need my pkg early and how things to do....

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