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I live in Brooklyn - is you are not *** during working hours - how many people are - then good luck getting your package - I have spent hours on the phone trying to arrange pickup - they tell you that you cannot go though the depot after 6 then after several phone calls they "allow" you to go.

The depot is far away - I go and the package is not there. Then the staff is abusive and tells me that my package is still on the truck and I was *** to come at that time - but I came at the time I was told to come. They will not redeliver to another location - they argue and spout bureaucratic nonsense.

I will not order from any company that uses UPS. Friday night I stood on crutches for an hour only to be told that the package was still on the truck - I had requested on Thursday that the package be removed from the truck - 2 other UPS call assured me that the package was there waiting for me. IT IS UNBELIEVABLE THAT ANY COMPANY CONTINUES TO USE SUCH A TERRIBLE, CONSUMER UNFRIENDLY COMPANY TO DELIVER PACKAGES. THE same woman who was rude, abusive and lazy last September is still the supervisor and is still rude abusive and lazy a year later. That says a lot. I told them to return the package - their website says that I made another request to pick it up at their depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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Tell me about it. I ordered a weight lifting bench from Sports Authority 4 days ago, and it was shipped via UPS. It was scheduled to arrive today. I left a note by the buzzer in my building to leave the parcel at my door. When I got home, no parcel. I went online to check the progress, and saw "Receiver refused delivery, item being shipped back to shipper". WHAAAAAATT?? I called UPS and was told how "sorry" they were that the driver "misinterpreted" my note, and that there was nothing they could do. Ain't THAT nice! I called Sports Authority, who told me they had a lot of problems with UPS. They are refunding my money, and sending me another weight bench, but are not charging me for shipping...which, unfortunately, is via UPS.

Oh, P.S....the supervisor I spoke with at UPS told me that the driver was going to be "reprimanded" (yeah, right!), and how "sorry" they were.

Totally USELESS.