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I think all of America should boycott UPS until when and if they reform their despicable business practices. Today is just the latest in a long string of shoddy business practices by UPS.

I have been waiting for a package that was supposed t be delivered 10 days ago, still not here. Called every day and assured with 100% certainty the package is en route and will be delivered today. Still no package. When my father died last year, I shipped some of his belongings to my home and insured each box for $500.

When they arrived items were shattered in each box.

I filed a claim with UPS and they denied covered because they said "I didn't package the box appropriately" although each item was individually wrapped in bubble wrap and filled the box with peanuts. This should be illegal.

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ups does million and millions and MILLIONS of deliveries a yr stfu fedex and the usps are light years behind ups use the and you'll be crawling back to brown ***'s


Please tell everyone to Stop using UPS services, I have never received my parcel as well, my mum sent me a present from USA 'a jacket' but i have never seen it.


My boyfriend ordered a mobile phone, he has never received it, it's shows on their system 'out for delivery' but never received ;(


My Iphone was stollen by UPS employees, plz stop using their services, they are thieves!!!


Stop using ups services, they are baaaaaaaaad!!!1


Internet tough guys are a dime a dozen.


iv never had bad service with UPS until this last thing i orded. i ordeed a collar of a site based in NYC (i live in CA) and they almost delivered it to a adress in new york.

then they lost it for 2 days at a ups V in NY. after a week and a half it finally made it to CA, in which they lost it again at another facility in Vernon CA.

then yesterday i was finally supposed to recive my package after almost 3 weeks and guess what? in NEVER came.

so they assured me today it was going to come. i go outside to a UPS truck in my drive way for 20 mintues and never got my package once again, they still have by 7pm to deliver it.

if it does not come today i will personally drive down to the facility my package is at and raise ***. as a matter of fact i hope it doesnt come today so i can drive down there

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