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I live in Boston,MA.I've been home ALL day. I go downstairs and I found a notice on my door saying they have been by.

I KNOW my bell never rang because I would have heard it. Then, I called UPS, complained & had this ignorant woman call me back saying the driver rang the bell. BS! This is the second time I have been through this with them in a row.

This is the worst company in the country - yet, EVERY online store uses it. If you can, RUN AWAY.

The workers are ignorant, the drivers stop at your house for like 2 seconds & doesn't even wait. I can't take it anymore.

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I totally understand you! and you are so right!

I've sent an envelope, paid 50 euro and UPS messed everything up.

UPS said that receiver was not found at home. Receiver was home ALL day, awaiting for the envelope. Once we had seen online the comment for not delivering, the receiver called immediately UPS. UPS said they will come tomorrow but they never come.

So receiver called again ups and arranged to pass by to pick the envelope. He went 2 times in 2 different days and after waiting hours he managed to take the envelope. (although UPS told him from the first time that he can pick it up after 7:00p.m) That was a lie and WE all have to inform people to do NOT USE low quality services UPS so they stop existing.

This might be a solution. Thanks