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I am so upset and disgusted! Every pkg UPS delivers to me is usually severely damaged.

I don't mean a little dent, I'm talking about whole sides of boxes smashed in. Just today, I received a stand mixer that cost me a small fortune and the whole outer box was crushed on top! All of the air pillows inside were deflated! Every box looks like they were thrown, not just dropped on the floor!

Also, about 2 years ago, I arranged for them to pick up a pkg which contained a cable TV set top box, I was returning to the cable company. I waited the entire time frame that was given to me when I arranged for the pick up and no one showed up. I called UPS, because I had an appt. I had to keep and was told that since I had a certain number from the address label, I could safely leave the box outside and it would be picked up sometime that day!

I put the box outside and as I was backing out of my driveway UPS appeared and picked up the box. I saw the UPS guy pick it up and put it in his truck!

It was never delivered to the cable company and UPS claimed they couldn't find it. To add insult to injury....the UPS employees I speak to on the phone are usually nasty and condescending.

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Florida, United States #862610

For the case of the mixer, packaging something fragile with just air pillows is entirely inappropriate. That's the company that sent it's fault, not UPS's.

For something like that, at the very least it should have been held completely in place by styrofoam, if not fully bubble-wrapped and then surrounded by peanuts. If it had been packed like that (which is according to UPS packing guidelines), it would have been fine.

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