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Not only are they too lazy to bring my scheduled package to my house, but they delivered my pkg at my local post office and being that this was on Saturday I have still not reveived it, but its suppose to be here by 3pm. and ITS TUESDAY!

Irate. I was suppose to have my product Saturday afternoon, WTF UPS?! This in not the only time I have had a problem with UPS, it is terrible during the Christmas season. Note to self.

No more UPS for this girl. USPS or Fed Ex from now on, even if I pay more $$!

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I want to drill a fine lookin bubblebutt babe;)


Hello, if it was dlivered to the post office it's because UPS was paid to deliver it the post office. It's a less expensive option known as Basic and is a way for shippers to save money. Blame your shipper, tool.


who ever shipped the item to you has an agreement with ups to deliver it to the post office. then the post offfice delivers it to you.


I have had excellent service with FEDEX. Their customer service is beyond excellent in my experience. They are fast, friendly and efficient.

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