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I am so disgusted with UPS that I had to vent. They have had posession of my package for 11 days and still cannot guarantee a delivery date.

Their only excuse is poor weather conditions. Yes, we have had snow but the roads have been cleared for days and by the way...IT IS WINTER!(UPS drivers are not competent enough to drive unless it is sunny?). I offered numerous times to pick up the package myself even if it invloved driving over an hour. No, no deliveries and no pick ups.

I warn you, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY USING UPS! They are the most unprofessional, disorganized and slow shipping service in the industry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #817301

UPS is the worst company ever


UPS does not care about its customers.

They will leave the notice at the wrong address and call it a delivery attempt.

They will not deliver to a ups store, its against some retarded corporate shmoe's policy who has never seen the outside world. they expect you to wait around all day for the 5 seconds they claim to be delivering but don't even bother showing up.

Worst customer service. The economy is bad, they will fail.


I agree with you Bagsdevlin. I ordered numerous products online. Some of the companies used UPS to deliver my products and others used Fedex and the Post Office. Fedex and the Post Office have to work in the same conditions as UPS and they were able to deliver my packages.

It is quite apparent UPS doesnt care so instead of getting upset, I have decided that I will insist that any package I order online be delivered through Fedex or the Post Office and I would advice others to do the same. UPS has proven to be unresponsive and unaccountable. It appears to me that they could careless what the customer thinks and will deliver your package(s) when it is most convenient for them.

Since my money spends everywhere, I will take my money elsewhere and use another delivery service. Eventually, UPS will get the message.

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