Brooklyn, New York

UPS is horrible. The delivery workers are incompetent.

Or are they just on crack?! OR just plain ***! The status of my package was undeliverable due to "nobody being home." I WAS home the ENTIRE day! He didn't ring my bell nor knock on my door.

He didn't even leave a notice on my door. These drivers are just plain lazy and don't know how to their job. The president of UPS needs to be fired along with all the other lazy *** workers.

I will never do shipping with UPS ever again! They should go bankrupt!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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UPS decided to throw my package in my garden vs. leaving it on my porch.

I dont hold out hope that they will ever knock again.

Its been YEARS since they have. Best thing you can do is contact the corporate headquarters with your complaints and don't do business with companies that choose this *** delivery service.


I ordered a gaming laptop and ups delievered quickly ... However they delievered me an empty box with the exception of a roll of toilet paper in it thankfully I didn't have to deal with ups amazon gave me a full refund


I had ordered my gaming laptop for at least 4 weeks ago, and it was supposed to come in today. I was excited as ***. Waiting to hear any knocking on the door, or the door bell ringing.

Around 6:20 PM I was going to go outside to get something out of my car and stuck on my window was a yellow slip.

REALLY?! WTF!! UPS! This is what you call delivery? Am I supposed to wait in front of my window just for you? Or are the people you hire are not able to use the door bell or knock? Maybe you may say you knock, but how hard? "tap tap"? I'd appreciate "BAM BAM"! ***, you tht scared of the door?!


My neighbor and I both experience this every *** day.


im in my livining room watching tv; the sound is normal. i hear a truck outside and go to see who/what..

and low and behold its the UPS driving away. I go to check my mailbox and theres a yellow slip in it saying "no answer".

I mean come on. wtf. no knock, perfectly working door bell.

nothing. DIAF.


I work out of my home on a computer, ever any music or background noise to distract me...UPS never knocks on my door , they just leave the "attempt" notice...What is the point of having delivery to the door if they never actually deliver?

I never use UPS but some businesses/retailers insist on using UPS...WTF


Fedex is the way to go, Now that my Dog died, I have to depend on email notifications because UPS will not ring the bell !

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