These guys say 3 days ground but drag it to 4 on into Fri every time so they can have the whole weekend. Fedx arrive 1100 Am like clockwork ups 6PM at the end of the day.

They are so freaking wack God I wish Fedx wasnt 20 extra bucks and I wasnt so cheap.

They are bums! I dont have a 100 words but ok UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks UPS sucks

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Naples, Florida, United States #590230

3 days is not bad. You whiners should go back to the days of waiting a couple months for stuff.

Pleasanton, California, United States #590205

Ordered a laptop on line and paid extra to have it by Thurs. On Wed night I get an updated delivery date of the following Monday.

When I called to point out that I paid extra to have it delivered when I was going to be home ( I was on vacation) I was told that most likely it would be there on Friday, there was just a SLIGHT delay because of weather and they were being cautious. I don't expect UPS to control the elements, so that was fine. Only when I checked the tracking it was sitting in about 6 hours away from me for a day and half, instead of on its way to me on friday. So here I sit, having paid extra to get my laptop on the same day it would have arrived if I chose the free shipping option.

To top it off I swear they must have caller ID because I can't get through to customer service to save my life, the call goes to a hold thing and then drops.

Never again if I have a choice about the matter. :sigh


love your potty mouth, can i drop some in it?

you do realize sweetie that even if a driver left at 6:30 he would have more than just your package to deliver.

please buy a clue and see you at the next orgy, doll.


Yeah, my cousin shipped me a package 2 weeks ago via UPS and instead of getting my iphone i got a massage table....... :| ups switched the labels and then it looks another week just for them to come and pick up the table and another week to send me my phone.

im waiting for my phone as i current type. its 4:02 and it left a city 45 mins from me at 6 in the morning.... does it really take 7+ hours to travel 45 mins? really ups?

suck a donkeys d**k.

Oh and they didnt want to give me a refund, i paid 60.00 for 3 day shipping. it was f**king bullsh*t


UPS Blows, FED EX will deliver in half the time, on Saturdays, and always a better price with Ground. I was Done with UPS in 2006.

Long time E-Bayer here who ships electric USA Guitars. Fed Ex Baby.

Whats the Color of ***? UPS BROWN

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