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Well never got my ps3 back but they cut me a check for $487.00 So i was happy but they still took like a month!

Original review posted by user Sep 02, 2011

man they broke my sons ps3 then lost it and now they want me to take $100 and it makes it okay you crazy son of a *** just fix it and return it to my son i will be happy with that and if you think im lying people here's the Tracking #1Z0XX2720349310310 check it out your self they should of told me there is a 50/50 chance that it would end up broken i would of but insurance on it but no they just raped me! watch out or you might be next hope not but never know

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U should change that comment above to "theres always a chance UPS wont break it and you will actually get your package! Its slim, but its a chance.

My Experience: 61 Shipments from stores/ebay etc.

thru UPS 29 of the packages damaged and breached and 17 of those the contents were completely destroyed. UPS Sux.


UPS isn't in the business of repairing items. They have offered you the minimum included DV for your package.

Which you agree you didn't even ask for.

If you had wanted to cover the full cost you should have requested the full 300 and paid for it. As it is 100 should be sufficient to repair your *** box then you and your son can get back to doing what you do best, nothing productive.


No, I'm pretty sure he's mad because UPS broke a $300 piece of electronics. I would be, too, whether I bought insurance or not.


Thier is always a chance that something that can break,will be broken...

That's why they call it insurance!!

you are just mad because that was your mistake....

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