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My story.

Last thursday 12/08. i ordered a package from t mobile, they used UPS.

by friday 12/09, UPS gave me a tracking #. stating estimated date is 12/14.

I planned my day in advance to be home to wait for package.

on 12/13. I got off from work & found a note from them that they tried to deliver but no one was home.

I called them immediately, the guy "jason" helped me & advised me they can put a hold on item & i can just go pick it up at a main office within their office hours SINCE THEY CAN"T TELL ME WHEN will the deliver guy arrive my house would be 7 am or it would be 7 pm.. who knowwsss??

-SO on 12/14, i called before i drive another 10 miles to go pick up my item, this girl "jenny" tell me

" am sorry, somehow the note was sent to the delivery guy yesterday but somehow, the package still went out with the truck, but delivery guy won't deliver your package because they will see the notes & do not deliver, so no matter what you won't get your package today, i can send another msg for them to call you 12/15 to see how you want to pick up your package".

then i asked, "is there a branch # i can try calling to confirm if they have the package?"

UPS rep states " NO, they do not have a direct #."

THen i asked " so how do they call me without a phone line, so does that mean they have a phone that can only make outgoing calls but not incoming???"

UPS rep " yes".

- From this, you know that the # we call is a call center & that call center has almost nothing to do with the branch office & the branch office almost have no communication with those delivery guys...

- This is the worse "communication/transportation" company i have seen that based their business on communication yet their workers DO NOT communicate with each other.

SO bottem line, if you have something very important. DO NOT USE UPS. The end of the story.

I will still have to wait until tmr for them to have mercy & call me back. & and by way, you can't leave more than 1 phone # for them to call you back, they will only call you ONCE at ONE #. I bitched & complained anther 3 minutes for her to put down a back up # to call tmr. so yeah. enough drama for tonite. hope this help whoever out there when deciding to use UPS.

- WOW.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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am sorry i do not get your comments.

I called the 800# given on the info notice.

I called the 800# listed under the branch.

I called before 7 and after 7. I have called many #s that night. so Yes. They said they the delivery guy will drop off the package in the center. but he didn't.


previous comment written by a ups employee

the local ups can most certainly communicate with the driver. when you call the 800 # local people will call you with in the hour will a resolution or options for you :grin

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