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Every time i order something online and it emails me saying its shipping via UPS, I get pissed off.UPS never attempts to actually care about helping out and letting you know they are here.

I live in an apartment so its a bit more work but if they called to say 'hey your package is here' that would be fantastic. Thats what fed ex does. I was at home today waiting for my girlfriend's christmas present. i looked out the window frequently to see if ups was here but i didnt see him.

then around 1:30 i went out to check and there was the infovoice on the door. And for what seems like the millionth time....i have to wait another few days. And last time I went to the customer center which is 15 minutes away to pick up my package....and the hours of that place are dumb as ***.

7am to 10am...then 4pm to like 7 or 8....why the heck is there a 6 hour period where they are not open during the day....Its because UPS is a lazy company.plain and simple.

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