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This is not the first time I have had trouble with UPS. The first time I had a problem with them, I called and specifically requested for them to return a package to the sender. Were they able to do such an elementary task? No--of course not.

This time, there were a couple of packages that were to be delivered, from two separate companies, and they were unable to complete the task. With the first set of packages, they delivered the WRONG items. The second time, they didn't attempt to leave the packages with my neighbor, although I gave them permission to do so. Instead, they chose to leave their notice and have me go out of my way to pick it up at their extremely inconvenient and remote location. The girl over the phone gave me the WRONG directions to the place, and I ended up not making it to the center in time. I paid good money to have those packages delivered overnight, and because UPS can't do their job, I wasted approximately $80 total in shipping charges and I am still WITHOUT my packages.

They aren't open on Saturdays, so I won't be able to get the packages that I need tomorrow. What kind of respectable delivery service closes on the weekends? After all these years of being in business, one would expect UPS to know that the world does not stop turning on the weekends! They really ought to get a clue.

I order a lot of things online, and I will NEVER order from a company who uses UPS again. I'd pay extra money just to use the FedEx or USPS. They are dependable, knowledgeable, and have a clue about how a shipping corporation should operate.

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