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UPS was supposed to deliver three packages on Friday 12/23/11. All three on truck prior to 630a to be delivered.

At 930pm, they updated tracking with "exception, emergency conditions beyond UPS control". Not one person has been able to tell me what this 'condition' is (absolutely no weather causes). Was told packages were at facility to pick up Saturday 12/24/11. After a 5 hour wait, they could not find my packages!

Delivery was rescheduled for today, 12/27/11. 10:18 pm, and they are still NOT here.

Called to complain, and was advised one of my packages were left at the facility and would (again) be delivered the next business day; but could not tell me why my other two packages were not delivered. This is absolutely ridiculous UPS- how do you expect to handle increase in business when USPS downsizes when you can't even handle a Christmas rush??!?!

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #575915

UPS has to be the most unorganized delivery company... I mean there is NO communication between the theiving drivers and the poor customer service reps...

You can hardly ever get a supervisor to call you back when there is a serious issue about your shipment... AND yet they still hire these thieves to drive the trucks and barely deliver items,,, ITS SAD SAD SAD


Its the holiday season and the busiest shipping time of the year. What did you expect during the busiest shipping time of the year?

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