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I was recently a victim of ID theft, and needed to change my AMEX chard just a day before an overseas trip. Amex arranged to have the card delivered to me today (Saturday), assuring me they were using UPS and that delivery would not be an issue, even if I was not home to collect the package (either being left in a delivery area near my door or with my competent building manager. UPS not only botched the delivery, they did not leave a message, did not fill the missed delivery form completely and gave me all kinds of inaccurate information on three different calls I made to their 800 number. The first man I talked to told me I was SOL and it was not his fault I was in the bathroom when they tried to deliver. I pleaded with them to allow me to visit their main local hub in Van Nuys, but they said there was nothing they could do even though I picked up emergency packages from them in the past. I asked for a supervisor and this man in the West Virgina office did the old dodge of holding the phone and then pretending to be a supervisor. When I called him on it, he hung up on me--not even an apology. I called a second woman who was a lot more pleasant, assured me somebody from Van Nuys would call me within 30 minutes--then I called the 800 "Customer Service" again and was told nothing the second agent told me was true and that UPS never makes promises on how soon the local supervisor would call back.

I now have to waste my free day overseas to chase to an AMEX office to pick up my replacement card.--I also told AMEX to NEVER us UPS as their delivery service again. Even USPS is better and you can pick up missed packages the same day.

I asked the second of the three agents I spoke to for a complaint line number, and she gave me a number for Mailboxes Etc. It figures.

If a company gives you a choice of how you want something sent, tell them ANYTHING BUT UPS!

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pick up packages the same day after a missed delivery? uhhhh they would still be on the truck im afraid.

they dont just try to deliver your one package then drive back to the warehouse that would be a waste of time.

ANYTHING BUT UPS!! LOL type in fedex in the search bar and u see the same stuff about them

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