We have been a UPS customer for almost 20 years. We have always had a stellar payment history and relationship with UPS. In Dec of 2013, unknown to our company, UPS apparently did not receive a payment of $ 114.01 from two invoices at end of year. NO ONE ever mentioned anything to us even though we continued to make our regular invoice payments in Jan, Feb, and Mar of 2014. If we were trying to stiff them, why would we continue to make each and every payment there after. They cannot see the trees for the forest. We did receive a call from a distant land with a seemingly fraud-like voice saying we owed UPS money from Dec 2013 and demanded a credit card over phone to settle account. Obviously, we considered this call a scam since we had ‘always made our payments’ in a timely fashion. No one ever called or visited domestically even though any missed payment would have been an obvious anomaly in our account. Now, I will advise that the subsequent invoices that we were continuing to get and pay each week did state an outstanding balance, but because we pay things bi-weekly, they are always passing in the mail - at least for the last 20 years.

One day our World Ship notified us that we did not have weekly pickup. We thought this odd (remember, we are unaware of any issue). I call UPS and they inform me that our account is suspended. Once we go back and look that the check from 90 days ago never cleared our bank, we put two and two together and got four. But UPS cannot count because they could not put two and two together. I tried to explain to UPS and had a copy of the check that was mailed to them on Dec 30 2013 and gently asks that we be put back on active status and just send me copies of the invoices and we would pay (once again) and all would be good. Took them over a week just to get me the invoices and after we paid - some three weeks later, we were still suspended (????). Turns out that someone finally tells us (not before) that we needed to make a deposit of four times the original invoice to get back in good standing ???? WHAT ?? Not only is this ludicrous, but also NEVER told us this was a requirement and some three + weeks later when we inquire why we are still suspended, they tell us because a deposit is required of $450+. Today, they have "decided" to waive the deposit but gave us grave warning that next time the deposit will be required. Have not told them, but there will not be a next time because the time they treat us as common criminals, we will no longer be their customer. Another tragedy is when you need to speak to some ne, they have farmed out their CS overseas, but this is another subject for another day. After searching for over one hour to try to talk to a domestic rep, I was appalled by the cavalier and wicked posture taken against me on the phone by this female in management.

When they went public, they ceased to be a company that served their customers. Soon, they will replace their hardworking employees with temps and I estimate that by 2022, UPS will crumble upon itself due to their blatant disrespect for their bread and butter. The time is RIPE for a new company to come in and start picking up the pieces.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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