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Package clearly marked as a photo print from a gallery we'd visited on vacation and asked to ship our purchase was bent on both x and y axis by UPS en-route, then as if to give us the proverbial "finger" (how could the driver not have noticed the bending!?) left it out in the pouring rain to rot. Really?

If I were this person delivering such a package, I'd PROACTIVELY have taken action to fix the issue.

I have been very unhappy with UPS for years, but now? Ha! NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER again will I ever send or suggest recieving a package from them. What can "brown" do for me?

Apparently nothing. Can't recall when "brown" ever really "delivered", actually. Am BEYOND upset, because now I also know that it will be MONTHS until resolution. Even their web site didn't work when I tried to file a complaint!

Said "try again later".

My thoughts exactly UPS. You SUCK!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $65.

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you are the third person in line to not understand something so basic as calling the vendor that shipped to you. they are the only ones entitled to asking ups to remedy the situation.

why? because THEY paid the bill for shipping the item.

you sir are a dolt.

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