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What can brown do for me?...... light them selves on fire like a bag of sh@# and leave it to FedEx to deliver!!!!

I had a package arrive at my local UPS on 12/21. We had a little snow 3 days ago (when it was supposed to be delivered) and they say the emergency weather conditions are preventing them from delivering my package. Well I drive a Honda 6 inches off the ground and am getting around just fine, so not sure why their trucks can't get around.

Every time something ships through UPS it is late. Pure laziness....

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UPS The Greedy Grinch That Stole Christmas for my Kid's who at 6:30PM on Dec 27th are still waiting for Santa??????? WTF.

On-Line sales and UPS should pay big-time for this blunder.

People need work, hire more help! Fisrt and last time for on-line holiday shopping for this family,

Christmas 2011 the year UPS sadden thousands of Kids.


When did the hoildays just become about gifts? Yes I know it's fun to give gifts and easy to get upset about not recieving them in time but to go as far as saying burn in **** to UPS thats a little hard don't you think and it's really not the end of the world. There are ppl who slept in shelters and on the street,ppl went without power or much food to eat and you all are crying like a bunch of babys you make me sick.....


I completely understand what you're talking about that is why I went to the stores to purchase all of my gifts instead of ordering them online. UPS shipped one of my gifts late last year and also instead of bringing the gifts that I ordered to my door they dropped it off in the rental office.

As soon as I realized what they had done I went to the rental office to collect my packages and the staff had left early - which they did not give notice to residents that they were doing and this was the day before christmas eve.

So talk about a f*d up holiday. But I learned my lesson and will not be making the mistake of trusting UPS again!!


OK we spent extra mailed on the 19th. Delivery

Was to be on Thursday. The gifts were on the truck

For delivery that morning then it snowed. Today

Is Saturday and they now say it can be picked up

We quit using the USPS due to incompetence so now

UPS joins that crew. FedEx is our next shipper.

We understand the police have been called to the

Commerce City facility because people are upset the cant

Get their things. Sounds like mismanagement to me.

It is Christmas it would have been great to have

Hired some extra people to work DUH.


To everyone hating on UPS.. you certainly have the right to be upset about not receiving you christmas presents on time.

Do not think your drivers are responsible. When it snows alot we cannot keep up with the holiday rush (12 to 14 hour days). We work as long as we can by law (60 hours a week) and as fast as possible. We do much more business than fedex and USPS.

We don't see our families at all in december. Try supporting small business and shopping locally.


thanks to ups my boys gifts are going to be here on the 27th.They shiped on the 22nd next day air.Burn in *** UPS!!!

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