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No matter what I write it cannot really convey my disgust with UPS. First and foremost, I agree that vendors should be contacted and informed that if they use UPS they will lose your business. Second UPS CEO does not give a “hoot” about what happens in his company. UPS fosters, encourages and promotes a culture of unaccountability beyond what I have seen in most companies of that size and profitability. I am a small business owner and my business has been severely affected by their incompetence. I wanted to report my package lost with the vendor and place another order but it is out of stock with no ETA. Thus I am at UPS mercy; my package has been lost for 5 days (2nd day delivery). The excuses have ranged from: "It is in a frozen trailer" (in Northern Virginia, where we had around 17" of snow last week); we have a “process,” and we’ll let you know when we have an update; we had a “weather disruption”, we’ll let you know when we locate it while insisting they know where the package is which is a contradiction; to the trailer is inaccessible. UPS seems not to have many issues delivering in Quebec, Alaska and other cold regions which begs the question why they cannot do their job after six days one storm in many years in Northern Virginia. The so called “process” is so full of failure points for which UPS refuses to accept responsibility that I hope that refusal to accept responsibility helps them to go out of business one day in the immediate future.

Six days after the “weather disruption” the Chantilly location in Northern Virginia is still not making packages available for pick up (I do not even expect UPS to deliver them). The government is back to work; freight trucks are doing their deliveries; planes are flying; people are back to work but the UPS Chantilly location – Reston center has their trailers “frozen. “ The managers of this location hanged up on me; he also refused to transfer me to his manager. The so called “executive” customer support (404-828-4900, “my case manager”) team has done absolutely nothing for me except to “stand behind Chantilly managers lack of performance.” Correction, I forgot to mention they offer to read the updates on the UPS.com site because, in their minds, I am illiterate and I cannot read every time that the last update is no update.

For the last 3 days I was days I was told I was going to get my package. The truth is that the famous “process” is so inexistent hey do not know where my package is, apparently their scanners do not work and technology is not part of their “process.”

In summary, I still do not have my package and no hope in getting it anytime in the near future.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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