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I am a working woman who travels for a living. I usually leave Sunday evening and return on Thursday evening.

I work from home on Friday.

This week I happened to get home Thursday afternoon. I just missed the third UPS notice. USP tried to deliver on Tuesday (1st attempt) and Wednesday (2nd attempt).

I expected them to try when I was away but I figured I would pick it up on Friday. Remember the 3rd attempt notice was just left on my door this morning. I just called UPS to schedule the Friday pickup. BUT they have already returned it back to the sender.

Why would they not give a few days leeway for those who travel for a living??? I can't believe they already sent it back by Thursday at 1pm. I am so pissed that they didn't spread out the deliver out or keep the package for at least one day at the local site. I hate UPS!

What bad customer service!!!!!

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