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So... I was going to get to get a new phone after my blackberry had cracked out like courtney love after a four day coke binge, i spoke to T-Mobile, and after a 15 minute hold time they agreed to send me a new or "like new" phone. I had asked to have it sent to my new address in the Bronx. It was sent expeditiously and the day i was supposed to receive this new phone, i had decided to go in late to work, just because i NEED the phone for work.

I waited until about 11am, and when i had left the house to go to work i see an attempted delivery slip, with my name on it... despite having been up and in the living room which is adjacent to the entrance, it appears that i had not heard this alleged ring.

I called the slip and after dealing with an automated system for 10 minutes, i reach a customer disservice rep who can assist me... she stated that they could call the house phone so that i know when they are coming. i do one better and give them an alternate cell phone (my room mate's) which works fine.

the second day i stay home again, and apparently this UPS failed delivery person called when i call the customer disservice line again.

i call and try to pick it up on the third day, but it seems that they lost my package when they found it... fed up i have it sent back so that i can have one sent to my mother's house all the way in Queens... 1.5 hours away.

apparently they failed to deliver again, despite there being 4 people who can easily answer a door.

i called to see why no one could've rung the bell... and the rep says that i will get a call back within the hour.

2 hours passed and i call back and speak to a little nameless troll who tells me that due to the holiday weekend, i wont receive a call until monday. and that he apologizes for the misinformation.

it is now the 30th and i just tracked my package. it has not moved since the last failed delivery attempt.

Moral of the Story: Large corporations, like UPS, do not really care about peons as myself.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $23.

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