I received a package last month from an online store. I had purchased a pair of shoes, which ended up being too small, so I wanted to make a return. I took the package to a UPS store to have them create a label for me to ship back to the store. I live in CA and the company store where I was returning my shoes is in KY.

The deadline for a refund was today, 10/18. I took the package to the UPS store on 10/9, and the girl at the UPS store told me the package would arrive on 10/15. Today I got a ring at my doorbell and found the package I had sent out to the KY sitting on my doormat. WTF! So I look at the box and find that there is NO NEW LABEL on it--just the original label that was addressed to my home. I looked up the tracking # on my receipt from the UPS store purchase (which I paid over $15 for) and it said my package was in KY.. but clearly, it wasn't since it's sitting in my house right now.

All day I've been calling UPS customer service to have the issue figured out and they've been driving me insane and giving me all different explanations for what might have possibly happened, but NO ONE has offered to help resolve the situation other than sending me off to a different number to call. After trying UPS customer service, I called the UPS store I dropped the package off at and they told me about how weird the situation was, that it should be in KY, etc etc.. but they refuse to refund me my $15 or help me ship the package out again for free since they say "it wasn't there fault." Again, WTF?! They clearly did NOT label the package correctly--they were supposed to cover up the original label with the new one, which they either A) never even put on the box, or B) put it on incorrectly, which resulted in it being "lost" , meaning ripped off on purpose by a shady UPS employee. I called UPS customer service once again, and the unhelpful lady pretty much just told me that it was up to the UPS store to make the decision of what to do because they're a franchise and operate independently. Uhhhh, I don't think so--they are a UPS store, which means UPS as a whole is responsible for the actions of all their stores that carry the UPS name!

So since today is the last day I could receive my refund, I can no longer make the return and receive all my money back, which means I'm stuck with a box of shoes that are too small for me to wear, and I'm short $15 at the fault of UPS, which they refuse to make up for! I will try one more time tomorrow to have the issue resolved by either the store or UPS customer service, but if they try giving me the run around one more time I will certainly NEVER do business with them for the rest of my long life, and I will make sure to tell everyone I know to switch to Fed Ex. Absolutely ridiculous!

Monetary Loss: $85.

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