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I order an ergonomic chair to be shipped by UPS(only option available)

choose the standard ground fare with an estimated delivery of 10-15 business days so I make arrangement for someone to be available to get the delivery. 5 business days early the UPS guy leaves the delivery notice on my door(1st try). Wow early delivery, no big deal I'll call to get them to deliver on the expected date when I'm home like with any shipping company.

No can do sir, that is a 10$ fee to make a change on your order and you are too late to change tomorow's delivery(second try). alright this is ***, I'll just come pick it up at your warehouse on the weekend then. Same thing, 10$ fee to keep my package and having me get it. I contact the shipper of the chair to verify if all the shipment cost we're paid and everything is in order. They even give me their UPS/shipper account number so that UPS can charge them and just deliver the package. Alright I'm all set i figure, UPS will bill the shipper, I'll get my chair and all is well...

Once again *** you says UPS. They can only charge that 10$ fee on a credit card. I call back the chair company, they are baffled by the situation and can't do anything more for me(understandable).

The next day I call UPS to try and figure this thing out. The second attempt was made today sir, if your not here on the next try(3rd and last try) we'll ship your parcel back to the shipper and send you a bill.

So now i have to take a day off to get a delivery(loosing money) or pay them money wich I already did in the shipping cost to get my delivery on the expected date.

long story short. UPS will change delivery date and charge you 10$ to fix it.

If you miss your 3 delivery notice(made before the agreed upon date) they keep/ship back your belongings and still send you a bill.

How is this *** legal.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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UPS Ground service does not offered a guaranteed delivery date; only estimated. If you want guaranteed service, you'll have to go with the more expensive one-day, two-day or three-day service.

Whose account is this shipped under? If it was the shipper's, they will be billed for the return, regardless of what they told you.

I deal with UPS all the time.

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