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This is the worst company for shipping, you may get your package, but never when promised. Also they say thier end of the day is 730pm for residential.

Where did that come from. It's not our fault they overload thier routes to save money and the drivers can't make reasonable commitment times, like before 5pm!!!

The traking info is never accurate, most times doesn't even show it on the truck. This company is fine if you don't care when you get your package, but find someone else if you need an on-time delivery within normal delivery times.

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Well, you must be getting all of your shipping for free then or having major weather issues, since UPS guarantees ALL their packages, including ground service, arrive on the day they said it would. If they don't, file for a service failure refund.

Their tracking system is accurate...just because it doesn't say "your package is on the truck" doesn't mean it isn't, what do you think they mean when they say "in transit to..."? That it's coming via horseback?

to Really? Concord, New Hampshire, United States #676481

With as long as they take I was beginning to wonder if they are shipping horseback or some old lady with a wheelchair! And yes there track info does suck, Last time they scanned my package was the day it was shipped and that was almost a week ago!!


See if you can follow this logic...Business delivery comes first, they typically close at certain hours and residents are generally home in the evening.

You do know that every business has set hours, probably even where you work. For residential delivery, by UPS, that time is 7:30.

If you had a package that failed to meet a delivery commitment, file for a refund.

How hard is this stuff? People!

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