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Just in case UPS cares (doubtful as this has been a complaint of so many customers for years):

We live in a safe secure neighborhood in Panama City, FL. After hurricane Michael, there have been concerns about looting/theft. I noticed my visa bill had been opened when I got it from the mail box, so I immediately canceled it and reordered an other. It was overnighted (via UPS) and while I was waiting for it, I was working around the house near the front door, so I’d hear when they delivered it.

I received an email this morning saying delivery info was available on their tracking ap. I checked and they said it had been delivered 16 hours before the time of the email (I checked 1 minute after the email was sent.) When I checked outside, I saw it had fallen behind something by our front door.

I understand UPS policy is for carriers not to ring the bell, knock or inform the people at the delivery address in any way. In choosing this tack, UPS customers have become a target for thieves. People predisposed to theft know of this policy and simply follow UPS trucks and note the delivery sites. Later they or their partners drive by and grab packages and run off. This has been documented with the use of security cameras (without sufficient resolution or view of the vehicles’ license plates).

UPS has become a partner of thieves so UPS should be avoided as the delivery business of choice until they change this horrendous policy.

I have already expressed my concern to my credit card agency that they would use a delivery company that is known for its lack of secure practices.

Please join me in contacting users of UPS and ask that they stop using this company as long as they choose to partner with thieves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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UPS drivers always knock at my door when they deliver. Perhaps you misunderstood their policy?

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