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So I palace an order thru and online website who uses UPS as they delivery company. When my package was delivered, the driver arranged the box in a certain way for me not to notice the big damaged the box had.

The box was completely wet n had a hole that easily fits a soccer ball!(box21x25x10) when i noticed the damaged on the box I ran out n he ups was gone. I opened the box and everything was wet n an item was missing. I called the company that shipped me the package n they said that they will file a claim n ups will contact me. Today dec 13th ups calls me and their agents r rude n treated me like if I had stole the missing item!!

Are u f****in kidding me!! This company is *** I hope they go ou of business.. They better Wyatt doing They Job and start improving their customer service, cuz we customers r the ones that keep them in business.. I wont tolerate a *** company to treat me like a thief when their drivers r so unethical n do not even warn you that the box is damaged at the time Of delivery!!

Their say they operate is unethical and irresponsible...

I hate UPS! Do not do business with them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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