Claxton, Georgia

I have two prepaid return packages. One is for UPS, other for Fedex.

First I tried to schedule pickup on both websites, neither worked, then I try to find a contact phone number for UPS, I had to search for UPS, Fedex was on the their web. UPS is picking up between 9am & 7pm and Fedex between 1-5pm. UPS is charging $10.50, Fedex $zero. Who's screwing who here?

The closest drop off is 40 miles away and the drop off boxes are too small to put the package in and Im not trying to ship an elephant either. UPS store hours are 8-10am and 4-6 pm. Guess what they werent open at 4pm last Friday and I didnt have time to wait for their lazy rearend to get in there to work. Go figure that.

What is this nation coming too? Looks like a bunch of slakers work at UPS. Fedex gets my vote,I will never use UPS again and will bad mouth them every chance I get. I really hope they read this website.

I doubt they do, they think they have the market cornered on shipping. My only dissatifaction with Fedex was when I called a foreigner took my order and was hard to understand, outsourcing does not set well with Midwestern middle class working folk, shame on you Fedex but thanks for not charging me for the pickup.

You are forgiving for now.

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UPS is a big ripoff. I sipped a copier taht I estimated wieght 150 pounds and prepaid $292.

I then ge a dditional bill inthe mail for 236.90 because it the actual wieght was 276. I paid $1.91 per pound for a total of 528.94.

the cost of shipping on my new boat was less than that. Don't ship UPS


yeah listen to bikky. a lot of times when you call to have a prepaid package picked up they will charge you.

the return label is paid for by the shipper so why would you pay for something that is already paid for.

you can hand it to a driver or take it to the store or a place where ups delivers to all the time. btw fedex is garbage.


Why do people think the UPS stores have anything to do with how the company is ran?? They are independently owned and operated.

UPS delivers packages sent to them, and picks up anything that is shipped through them, that's it. I am also confused about your return label. If it is a prepaid label on the box, where are the charges coming from? Did the UPS store try and charge you, or was UPS charging to schedule a truck to pick up at your place of residence?

If the label is already on the package, you can find any driver in your area and just give it to them. or put it in a drop box if it fits.

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