I ordered something offline 12-20-12 and I chose NEXT DAY AIR meaning it was suppose to come today 12-21-12....so I been tracking my package and when I go back to check the status it says RESCHEDULED DELIVERY DATE 12-24-12....I didn't pay all that dang on money for it to come on that date...its a reason why you people have NEXT DAY AIR....they want to say Advesre Weather Conditions...complete BS....its fine outside...its apparently a reason why I chose NEXT DAY AIR....if I wanted it to come on a Monday I would've sent it through regular mail....I sure hope my package can get delivered to me tomorrow on my bday 12-22-12...But until til back to Fedex :=)

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you didn't happen to notice the giant winter storm that just went through the country? just because "it's fine outside" where you live doesn't mean airports aren't experiencing delays elsewhere in the country, like where your stuff is coming from. smh


If I were you, I'd demand a refund for the delivery fee.

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