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They charge crazy fees for the brokage and shipping fees i wish never to deal with them again. You are the worst company ever !

For a 100 dollar package it charged over 15 dollars. I had already paid for the shipping already. LIke really i am pissed off. Other companies should take over you.

I don't understand why companies even want to deal with you. The fees you charage are outrageous and service offered is ***. Please just quit and go backrupt.

FedEx or other companies are alot better and charge little to no service charge. Thank you please reduce the price or leave.

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I just purchased some furnace parts from the US for $200 and had them shipped to Canada and UPS charged me $94 in brokerage fees to handle the parcel across the border. Avoid using this company they are a complete and total ripoff!


stop hiding behind a screen name and get a life,why does it hurt so much,leave people alone,if they have issues and they want to comment that's what this site is for to post concerns,not disrespect you ***,get a life ***


Your name says it all. You must be 5 with an IQ of 20.


Go backrupt? Whats that? Learn some grammar before you post a public complaint so you don't end up looking like an @ss.

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