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I bought something from a vender in Canada and they used UPS. I got a notice yesterday that they tried to deliver the parcel but missed me.

I called the customer service and found the location for picking up is 41 miles away. I asked about the option and somebody in the international department said I could use online option to choose reschedule for an alternative location because I would not be home either at there usual delivery time. I got online and rescheduled and paid extra money for rescheduling to my work location.But when the truck came today, I did not see my parcel. So I got online chatting with a UPS agent and she said they will deliver for sure within the business hours if I rescheduled it to this business location.

But until 5 pm, no truck came. I was waiting in the parking lot for another hour in dark and coldness waiting, but nothing happened. So came home at 6 pm and called the ups international department again and found that it was not allowed to reschedule for international parcel! I asked them why the status was accepted for the rescheduled and my card was charged for the fee, she could not answered that.

But she was nice and arranged a call from the 41 miles pick-up ups location. I was told that my parcel was still sitting there in the location and she was not clear why that was not out for delivery! Therefore, she has to reschedule for the Monday re-delivery to my work location. I cannot predict if I will receive the parcel and when that will happen!

UPS sucks. Bad system!

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