Louisville, Kentucky
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I received a notice on my door today that this was UPS' second attempt at delivery and that they would make one more attempt tomorrow. I called the 1800# and asked the rep when was the 1st attempt to deliver made.

I was told yesterday at 5:50p.m. I was at home at that time. I had my door wide open with a note indicating that my doorbell did not work and that they should knock loud. I even had my window up.

I waited until 7:00 p.m. before closing my door and window. There was no notice placed on my door. The driver lied.

This is a way for them to make more money.

Someone should file a class action suit.


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We do that because we love to make three attempts on every stop so we can work til 8 pm and our kids are in bed when we get home!

I get blamed for knocking too hard. For knocking too lightly.

For leaving packages with a neighbor you don't get along with ( I wonder why)

Quite honestly we don't get have a lot of time in our schedule. I seldom look for a bell and most don't work anyway. I knock count to 15 and if no one makes a sound I am gone. Funny your neighbor who saw him didn't take your package.

My guess you don't get along with them either. Go figure.


my friend was supposed to get her package but since she's not home during the day because of work, it got sent back. i offered to have her send it to my place since i work from home and *surely* would get the package, instead of her having to take time off work to go all the way to the maspeth station to pick it up.

on the first attempt to my apt, they said the apt # was missing on the label (which is a lie because the phone rep verified the address when we called). second attempt, my friend had been refreshing the tracking page all day and called me because the delivery attempt failed again. i ran downstairs and found a slip on my door, and my neighbors who were sitting outside verified that the ups man was there. but he did not ring the doorbell, as i was home all day, even refrained from going to the bathroom out of fear that i'd miss the doorbell!

now i have to wait until monday, because ups doesn't operate on weekends.

my friend was supposed to have received this package over a week ago now. :(


You will not believe the end to this story. When I left this morning to go to work I opened my back door as always.

There was a UPS notice attached to my door dated 2 days earlier. A message written across it stated that "Your box is over Dennis's house". Dennis is my next door neighbor who I fell out with about 3 months ago. We don't talk.

I knocked on his door. He told me that the UPS man left my package with another neighbor around the corner who gave it to him. The UPS man told the other neighbor that they had made two attempts and that they were going to return it back to the sender. It's a very good thing that I am cool with the other neighbor.

But, the UPS man didn't know that. And, the other neighbor did not know that I had a falling out with my next door neighbor.

One other thing, the package required a signature. So to catty, how ya like me now????


This is hilarious, You know I just have to share this story with all of you. It made me crazy at the time.

I was on a train going home from work and there was a woman that got on every am when I did from the same station. I knew she was at work all day as she was on the same train going home. She was on the phone and asked whoever for the doortag number. Don't know who she called, but told them she was home all day and no one knocked on the door.

What a crock....how many of these complaints are of the same caliber?

So unfair to the driver and the company they work for. Just sayin...............


I had it happen to me to. My mom did to.

I dont understand why they would do this. Buy they stand be hind thier employes and say im wrong.