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UPS is a f-ing Joke every time you call you get a different answer. I payed for a 3 day shipping and it's now a week and going.

They keep saying weather, I order from a store that shipped FedEx a few days after the ups shipped and yet I gotten my FedEx. All I want is my package. How hard is it to load it and send it? I think ups is giving jobs to retards.

It's funny how in this weather I see UPS trucks all over. *** today I seen one drop a package off across the street from me.

Monetary Loss: $138.

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UPS sucks. Ever notice how UPS ground takes about 5 business days yet the package tracking does not get updated between days 1 and 5 because it is sitting somewhere.

They do this just so you pay a ridiculous amount to get it there faster. I ordered a package from Reno NV to be shipped to NH. The package went from Reno to Ontario Canada to New Jersey then to NH.

Does this make any sense at all? How efficient

Ups sucks!!!! One week laiter i get my package on a 2day delivery!

!!! People at corp. Are a######!!! I dont know how they can guarantee.

When they dont honor it load of sh##!! :?

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