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Ups wants you to purchase insurance blah blah but never ever have I know of one person who has filed a claim to ever be paid EVER. I have had only 2 claims in 5 years and neither were paid.

My hummel figurines from my mother (purchased by my grandmother) were broken (god knows how) they were packaged with 4 inch thick bubble wrap with some plates that were bubble wrapped (3 inches thick) with bubble wrap on bottom top and sides of box. Insured for $500 total, and of course the generic denial is "wasn't packed well enough" now even the UPS driver who picked up the box said he didn't know how they could get broken they were well packed. I laughed and said it didn't matter he knew as well as I did the claim would never be paid. He said they had gotten a LITTLE BETTER recently with claims.

I told him not according to the internet.

And guess what he picked up package today and 2 hours later- generic form letter DENIAL. Surprise surprise.

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linens do not qualify as packing materials, genius.


We had 3 claims denied. Boxes were packed so there was no movement.

Even ceramic bowls, packed in towels, INSIDE a hard plastic tub, were broken. So mad with UPS.


We stopped using UPS years ago when their insurer Crawford Insurance failed to pay three different losses of substantial value for some computer and surveying equipment we shipped. Buy insurance from UPS is the same as making a donation.


How about staring a class action suit?


On another occassion, I had a UPS driver hand me a package - no lie that had a tire track thru the middle of the box and he looked and me and said sorry that is the way it was on my truck.

Needless to say it was broken.

I get UPS packages ALOT and most the time no issues as long as it isn't anything that might break.


each hummel figure had 4" deep of bubble wrap around the whole figure bottom of box was all peanuts and top of box was all peanuts, and everything inbetween was all peanuts. the figure were suspended in peanuts.

I told my mom to NOT mark the box as fragile becuase I have heard of the warehouse guys playing kickball with boxes marked fragile.

But did she listen? No the whole box was marked fragile on every side and every single figure was broken, plus two side of the box had holes in it about the the size of the toe of a shoe.


We have never had a claim paid, consequnetly we canceled our UPS account and now use FEDEX or USPS.

I found many dissatisfied customers who were denied claims.


scammers they take your packing out of box and say the packing was insuffient that way they dont pay claims there liars and should have a class action suit


They pay claims when you pack things right. Besides your not even buying insurance your buying declared value coverage, its a little different but its how all carriers work.


Oh and don't listen to drivers when it comes to insurance claims and such, they have no clue about that stuff lol.


I had to file about a dozen damage claims this year, all paid. Sounds like you were off to a good start with the bubble wrap, but you would have also had to fill up the boxes with packing peanuts as well.

You can't have any empty space in a box at all. You should be able to shake the box and have no movement inside.

Double boxing items that are very fragile, like the ones you were sending, isn't a bad idea either. If you follow these guidelines, which are posted by UPS, none of your claims will be denied.