I have had 2 packages that where destroyed. I have video footage of the delivery man dropping and throwing my package on the steps.

I call ups to tell them what happend and demand a refund.I was told that the package was not correctly packed, which it was by ups standards and the claim was denied. These 2 situations cost me over $1000, but will cost ups much more than that as I will be airing the video footage on the local news channel for everyone to see.

This is the biggest case of insurance fraud I have seen in my lifetime. Ups is a SCAM!!!!!!!

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Goodyear, Arizona, United States #809955

I am wondering if you do have a lawsuit in the works. I am tired of their inside *** excuse of a "claims rep".

They destroyed my package, especially the box.

Then went ahead and denied my claims twice. What to do now?

Richardson, Texas, United States #809448

Where can we find your news story? (As though any station would waste their time with it)

Zephyrhills, Florida, United States #809213

I've been advised that "adequate packaging" means that your package should be cushioned as to survive a 3 foot drop. Once I adhered to this, UPS had no issues with my insurance claims on damaged goods.

I'm pretty sure the automation at this distribution centers tosses packages around far more than a human does.

Video or not, this is EXPECTED handling of packages. Pack them better and you won't have to deal with having to solicit the court of public opinion to fix your issues.

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