Spring Lake, Michigan

My father passed away last summer and my sister wanted a $5,000 stone sculpture that has become a bit of a family heirloom. I personally dropped it off at the UPS store and clearly explained how fragile and valuable it was.

They assured me they ship this type of thing all the time and it would get there safely. This scuplture is unreplaceable and we got the insurance as a safegaurd. The scuplture was damaged beyond repair. Picutures were sent clearly showing the damage and they have refused our claim.

It has been 6 months of haggling with UPS with no reimbursement. Will not use them again.

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you did not buy insurance, you bought declared value coverage, subtle but important difference.

another fyi, anything packed by a UPS store is guaranteed to have a claim paid, it's part of their franchise agreement, shipping agreement with UPS and/or their cdv agreement.

that's not to say that UPS won't stall and delay, or that you won't have to show proof of value, but the store should be the advocate in this situation-that's part of their purpose.

if on the otherhand YOU packed it, all bets are off and you will be lucky is you get anything.


hire an attorney and threaten to sue. Or, sue yourself in small claims court.

if you use an attorney, since it is not only valuable but has family and sentimental value and is irreplaceable, go for the value of the item PLUS compensation for grief, loss of connubial bliss, etc, etc. Make them pay for your loss

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