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UPS Innovations is a department of UPS. UPS Innovations sends the items they get to the US Postal Service for delivery. The UPS Tracking number is changed at the USPS so when your package gets lost they don't know where it is. I order medications that sustain my life through Aetna who ships by UPS through UPS Innovations who gives it to the post office. I sent in an Rx over two weeks in advance. It is lost. No one can find it. No one can help me find it.

UPS customer service says it was delivered to USPS. USPS says they don't have it. I got bounced back and forth with no resolution. The only person they didn't blame was George Bush.

NEVER USE AETNA mail order pharmacy, UPS or UPS Innovations. They are FUBAR and, well, the post office. What can I say. Put the three together and it is a formula for disaster.

REPEAT:: NEVER EVER USE AETNA, UPS, UPS Innovations, USPS. Find another way.

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why is this posted in the UPS section?UPS doesn't just decide to give your package to the post office, it is requested by the company that sent it to you because it's a cheaper option for them.

Aetna cheaps out on you, UPS delivers it to the post office without a problem, then the post office loses it, and you complain about UPS?

they're the only ones who did the job right!lol you've failed.

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