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Do not even think of importing any shipment in India through UPS unless you want to experience what nightmare is and never ever think of importing for business purpose, if you do you will be on *** on killing your business. We had our two commercial shipments coming from France, they were shipped in December 2017 ending, shipped through Express service(we paid huge for shipping), it was supposed to be delivered in 3-6 working days, but guess what this pathetic lose at UPS India are yet to deliver our package, been more than 20 hecking days!!!

To add up oil on fire the UPS India has got the worst and the most pathetic customer support any company could ever have. No one would ever give a damn about your important emails, they simply don't even bother to reply. We have been told from the last 15 days that "the packages would be cleared in 2-3 days" but those 2-3 days has never arrived yet. UPS HQ could shutdown their Indian operations, it's better to have no presence rather than having a disgraceful presence which only put your brand's reputation at stakes.

Stay away from UPS, do not ever think of using UPS India even if they do a free shipping. Just avoid it to avoid nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Express Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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