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I bought a used digital piano a couple of years ago that came in a professionally designed and built hard shell case made specifically for this item and it arrived safely. I re-sold it recently, paid nearly $200 to ship it, and it arrived to the buyer damaged beyond repair.

The latches to the case had several layers of packing tape going around the case to prevent accidental opening. They denied my claim for damages and cited "insufficient packaging" and noted the case was not damaged. When I got the item back from UPS it was plain as day that the case was in fact significantly damaged and had obviously been dropped from a significant height.

I will never ship with UPS again as long as I live. Avoid them.

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UPS always screws up my orders.


well I am assuming that if it is a digital piano that it was quite large and therefore was shipped from a UPS center or picked up by a UPS employee. At that point they have the option to say "we can't ship that item due to the packaging" because once they accept the item personally (if not dropped into a drop box) they are accepting that it is packaged properly and will insure the item.

So it should not be an issue of packaging, because if you did drop it off at a local center or have it picked up by a driver, they OK'd the packaging. The only thing they can do is deny you if you did not pay for insurance or enough insurance, at which case they would have to access the item and give you the max you paid for, if you paid for insurance...


Where did you come up with accepting it means it is packed properly?

The only means to check for proper packing is for every driver and employee to open every box to check it.

No employee in any shipping company has x-ray vision to see if it is properly packed.


All of that is irrelevant. UPS admitted that they damaged the ITEM, but not the CASE (???) Who damaged the item is not in question, they just called it "insufficient packaging".

It came to me originally, shipped by them, in the same case in the same manner as I sent it. They just couldn't seem to repeat the operation successfully, or take responsibility when they couldn't. The weight is also irrelevant.

They weighed and measured the item, charged me according to their policies, but then couldn't successfully complete their service in a competent manner. And I am sure what you say about most people is true, but they farm claims like this out to a separate agency, that is where the calculation takes place.


If what you say is true, I would be extremely pissed if the same thing happened to me! At the same time, it is not about calculating the odds of someone filing a claim.......Most people are hard working, honest middle class individuals such as you I.

There are also a lot of people out there trying to score any handout possible. They do not see the brown emblem, they see a pile of money. The amount of fraudulent claims has to be ridiculous, and the rest of us (you) has to suffer from it. Again, it is your word against theirs.

The only proof you have is a picture of a case. If all you had to do was provide a picture anybody would be able to score a payout from them. One other thing I was wondering, Were you in contact with the receiver about the incident? Was the receiver present when delivery was made?

How come the receiver did not immediately question the damaged case? If the driver came back to pick up the damaged package, he would more than likely be able to vouch for you, he is definitely going to remember delivering a 100 pound package.


I have known a couple of UPS workers personally, and I'm certain they don't share your view of the protection of their employees. What they are protecting is their bottom line and they do their little calculation as to what the odds are that you will follow up with a legal claim, which of course will end up with me just losing more money because I am one middle-class person and they are a huge corporation. And what of the complete lie about the case not being damaged?

My only recourse is to never give them another dime of my money, do whatever I can to see that others do the same, and voice my criticisms (and provide my evidence) in as large a venue as possible.

Say what you will about caveat emptor, it doesn't change the wrong that was done to me.


I have seen a delivery many docks for a semi truck, but when was the last time you saw a UPS semi truck deliver a package to your neighborhood? They are on package cars in which the conveyors are not even at waist level.

Also, UPS does guarantee delivery in time for the holidays if you pay attention to the cut off date. It will not if you procrastinate. While it sucks your package is damaged. When dealing with a corporation they are going to do what they can to protect their employees.

As your boss should do the same for you. A suggestion would be to provide adequate proof that your case that is specifically designed to protect the said equipment. Take detailed photos before and after you ship and provide product info on the hard shell case stating what the design purpose is. It is always going to be an innocent until proven guilty scenario.....The only way to do something right is to do it yourself.

Unless I am personally driving across the country to deliver something, I am going to assume the worst because I know my package is in the mix of MILLIONS of others. UPS usually does a good job catching the damaged parcels and taking care of the problem before they are on car to be delivered, it just sucks that you are one of the few.


I purchased a gift for my son. I was given a delivery date of 12-30.

I tracked my package said out for delivery on 12-30 okay was in tampa. about 30min from me. At 7:30 pm on 12-30 the delivery date was rescheduled for 1-4 and the package was returned to orlando which is 2 hours from me. I don't get it???

now we have to wait an extra 5 days.

why would they take it all the way to orlando? it was almost here??


When item order and was confirmed by UPS picked up on 12/22 - I was given a delivery date of 12/30. Obiviously that did not happen.

When contacted today-the I am sorry's began and I even offered to the local location and pick it up. I was told no one was in today. finally cusomer service supervisor called the local location and someone was in but I still was not able to pick up the package. I am just out of luck until Monday when UPS begins ground deliverys again.



when UPS says I am sorry repeatly really means just how sorry of a business they are.


UPS -don't seem to be able to meet their delivery dates. However, they are very good at saying I am sorry!

That's all they do.

UPS could use a lesson on customer service. I will stick with FedEx in the future - they do what they say and delivery on time.


Ever seen how high a loading dock for a semi-truck is? It could easily have just slid of the edge of something like that.

The case doesn't show signs of anything being dropped on it. It looks exactly to me like it was slid off the edge of something and hit hard on its end.

Either way, it was just incompetently handled. You pay them $200 to ship someething and they take no responsibility whatsoever for the damage.


"obviously been dropped from a significant height"...I don't know how easy you can lift 108, but I'll be darned if I'm going to lift it over my head and up some stairs to drop it! Use common sense, It's an over 70 pkg.

It does not see higher the maybe 3 to 4 feet. More than likely another 108 pound package was dropped on it from a significant height.


Unfortunately, USPS is limited to 70 lbs. This was 108 lbs. But I always use USPS whenever possible.


try using the United States Postal service for all your shipping needs. I run a small business, and they are very inexpensive and they have never failed me.

Plus they deliver on Saturdays and even run Express mail on sundays and holidays. They also provide free boxes and pick up at your home or office.

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