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I ordered something off of line on January 22, 2018. I was expecting it to be here by the 26th,(my son's birthday was the 30th) it was sent through UPS and here it is the 7th of February and my packages still has not been delivered.

I got a little curious of where they were at so I called the company and they told me that UPS has the packages ,so I did a little investigating and called UPS in Frederick Maryland and was told by Ann that my packages were still sitting in the warehouse when I asked her why they told me that my address did not exist I assured her that my address surely did exist my house has been here since the 1950s and I've been living in it for 10 years. I was told by Ann that she gave the driver my phone number to contact me if he could not find my address and my packages were going to be delivered today which is February 7th and guess what my packages still has not arrived, when I called back at 5pm a guy named Matt answered the phone and assured me that my packages would be here within a half-hour, by 7:30 I called them back Matt tells me the driver could not find my address and when I asked him why the driver did not call me to get directions he had not a clue. I asked Matt if he could just have them dropped off at the UPS Store in Westminster Maryland and I would pick them up Matt says to me he has no clue where that store is located I told him it was in Westminster Maryland and he could get on the internet and look up the address he told me he could not do that,that I would have to provide him with an address I am irate and agitated at this point so I asked to speak with his supervisor, Matt refuse to put me through to his supervisor and put me through to the drivers supervisor I once again explain to Ryan which is the supervisor that the driver has my phone number why didn't he call me if he was having troubles finding my address he could not answer that and said he would speak with him in the morning and once again promised me my packages would be here February 8th 2018. I really wish that UPS would scan their drivers just a little bit better because half of them can't find themselves out of a wet paper bag.

So I've been waiting 17 days on packages that was supposed to be here by the 26th.. Grrrrrrrr

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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