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First, we had baby registry gifts that were shipped to us. UPS is supposed to delivery packages to my apartment office if nobody is home. Instead the UPS delivery guy leave $400 worth of baby gear items sitting at my door. And not small concealed items either. Giant blatantly labeled boxes so everyone knew what exactly was in them. We were out of town (half way across the country) for a week and had no idea the items had been sitting there for who know how many days. We were lucky that nothing was stolen. TRIED to filed a complaint but were given nothing but the run around by their customer service. I eventually found a way to email a complaint but received nothing in return for it.

Now I've purchased another item off of Amazon with Prime two day shipping. The item was supposed to be delivered on August 21st. My tracking information said that it was supposed to be delivered yesterday (August 21st). The tracking information even said "out for delivery". But now (on August 22nd) it says "in transit" with a new arrival date of August 22nd. I called customer service to see what was happening. The rude woman on the phone informed me that my delivery date was August 25th. Which I told her that is incorrect since I have 2 day shipping. She tells me that I'm wrong and the date is August 25th because the item is being shipping "UPS Ground". I tell her that on their own website it says the package is in Tulsa, OK so how and why is it going to take an extra 3 days to deliver in the same city. The shipping center is 10 miles from my apartment. And she then tells me it's being held at the facility. For what reason? No reason. I tell her I will pick it up even though I've paid to have it shipped to my apartment. She then tells me she doesn't know if it's available for pick up. She doesn't actually know if it's at the facility despite the fact she just told me it's being held at the facility. I inform her again that the UPS website has an arrival scan of it being in Tulsa as of August 21st at 5:30 AM. And then she starts getting an attitude with me. I was just trying to figure out where my package was! The rude woman then tells me she's sending a message to the shipping facility and I should hear back from them in an hour. Wonderful. And then she refuses to hang up the line so I can stay on it and take the survey. Wonderful business practices.

I have never had some many problems with UPS until I moved to Tulsa, OK.

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Suppose to have a package delivery in two days from Dish, it's been 5 days and I'm still waiting for delivery, they have my phone number, why haven't they called for directions, since they apperantly can't find their way to the address on the package? ??

On the tracking, it says it's on truck for delivery today, problem is, it has said this for days????

Really!!! ??

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